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ทริป 1 วันเต็ม: ทัวร์อ่าวพังงา – เกาะห้องกระบี่

Phang Nga is famous for spectacular scenery with limestone cliffs rising out of green water.  There are caves, lagoons and tiny secluded beaches awaiting discovery. Phang Nga Bay is a large, lovely area that seems different in every change in weather and light. There are many fine secluded islands that can be explored at your leisure.

Cave Exploring at Panak Island

Koh Panak Island is located southwest of Koh Hong and some caves and inner seas can be found there. Some caves can be reached by kayaking while others have high entrances so that guests need to climb. The inner sea can be seen from the cave entrance. The favorite attractions are Khang Khao (Bat) Cave, Ice Cream Cave and Gong Gang Cave. Koh Panak has wonderful scenery around the island like cliffs and strange beautiful stalactites

Kayaking at Hong Island

Koh Hong is a limestone island with a bay which is almost completely surrounded by a cliff which is looking like a hall. Kayaks can enter into the cave through an exciting channel and once in the inner Lagoon the nature and views are truly stunning. This area is also suitable for swimming and fun in the water.

James Bond Island

Koh Ping Khan and Koh Tapu are probably the most striking natural attractions of Phang Nga Bay. The two islands are best known as James Bond Islands. They received that name when they got world famous by being chosen as location to the movie “The Man with the Golden Gun (1974)”.  The literal translation of the name Kho Tapu means “Nail Island” Kho Phing Kan is a steep limestone which looks like being torn apart at the base. There are some souvenir and beverage shops available on Kho Phing Kan which makes for a nice short stop.

Sea Gypsy Village

Koh Panyi is a steep limestone island at which base a large community of Muslim fisherman are situated. All houses are built on stilts and appear floating in the sea. Around the village are floating baskets which act as “fish farms” and keep the fishes in the water but trapped. The village offers restaurants, a school and many souvenir shops which makes it a great place to buy some unique souvenirs.

Beach Lunch at the Paradise Koh Yao Noi

The Paradise Koh Yao Boutique Beach Resort & Spa is away from the crowds, peaceful and quiet. It’s a romantic setting for walks along the beach, delicate cuisine, intimate conversation and laughter. A thai seafood lunch right on the beach is a truly special meal. It is very private in a romantic setting and we will prepare a selection of dishes according to your taste and desire. This is the time to indulge in one of the offered fine wines and to wind up a perfect experience.

Hong Archipelago Krabi

Mu Koh Hong is one of the most striking and noteworthy unique rock formations. About 12 islets lay in line vertically stretching from the north to the south of Phang-Nga and the Krabi sea. The shady silhouettes of the islands trigger the imagination of travelers and invite all to discover mother nature’s mystique. You can enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, feeding fish and taking in the stunning sights of the island.  A great place to spend some time in and around the water.

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