Sacs – Luxury RIB Sport Boats and Tenders

Founded in 1989, Sacs Marine is a leading international company in the production and marketing of luxury rigid inflatable boats (RIBs). In 2006 the company became part of Laserline, an industrial group with activities in automotives, electronics, information technology and security. This leadership change brought the company some of the winning values of the group, such as the dynamism, attention to build quality, customer service and satisfaction, and a strategic approach to business development.

Today, Sacs’ fleet of luxury sport boats and tenders are leaders in the international market in terms of design, size, performance and quality. Sacs’ smaller models are frequently used as luxury superyacht tenders.
Boat Lagoon Yachting offers a range of Sacs RIB boats for sale, including their STRIDER and REBEL lines.

Sacs Brings Luxury RIBs to Southeast Asia

It’s a common occurrence to see Sacs RIBs out on the crystal clear waters of Thailand and Singapore, whether as tenders for superyachts or as cruisers. Sacs has reimagined the possibilities for RIBs, creating the REBEL line of MaxRIBs.

MaxRIBs take the comfort, safety, power, and control of a typical RIB and combine it with the luxury and stateliness of a yacht. MaxRIBs are suitable options for either cruising around the islands of Southeast Asia or as tenders for superyachts.

Boat Lagoon Yachting has seen a dramatic increase in demand for Sacs RIBs, particularly with superyacht owners and with those who prefer a sportier yacht. Sacs are for those who value high performance and quality in addition to safety. The STRIDER 11 is one of the most popular luxury tenders available on the market and is the perfect complement to a superyacht.

Contact Boat Lagoon Yachting to inquire about RIBs for sale in Southeast Asia, as well as to learn more about the power and functionality of a MaxRIB.