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Asia’s Premier Provider of a Luxury Yachting Experience

Boat Lagoon Yachting is one of Asia’s largest and most reputable yacht importation, distribution, and after-sales service organisations, representing some of the world’s most prestigious yacht brands. Our strength comes from owning the most extensive after-sales service and yacht maintenance facilities in Southeast Asia. Boat Lagoon Yachting is unique among the region’s yacht distribution companies because of its massive investment in outstanding technical service and maintenance facilities. It is an investment that assures every client years of relaxing use of their luxury yacht.

Our Services:

Our Strengths:

  • Wide regional network covering Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Maldives – ready to support clients wherever they cruise
  • 80 experienced staff throughout the region
  • 10 fulltime expatriate engineers and service team members
  • Proven-reliable with hundreds boats sold and on the water in the region ownership of massive, 13-hectare, US$35 million boatyard and maintenance facilities and a 112 hectare marina
  • Established for more than 26 years

We are the exclusive authorized dealer for the world’s most prestigious yacht brands

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