We believe professional training of the captain and crew, including the owner himself if preferred, contributes greatly to the condition and readiness of the boat, and ultimately pleasure of cruising and your overall boating experience. This started from sending our own management and service team for these training in UK ourselves, as well as always updating our boat maintenance procedures and knowledge to the latest international level of excellence, as often monitored and approved by many visiting specialist yachts managers and other key personnel with whom we have forged close relationship over the last 15 years as part of the Yachts family.

The knowledge and unparalleled level of experience, especially with Princess Yachts, can be gladly shared with your own captain or crew, or indeed yourself. We have also worked with the Power and Motor Yacht Academy based in the UK, offering various level of courses to the approved RYA (Royal Yachting Association) standard, exclusively to our valued customers. With the growing confidence and competence, it has been a pleasure in seeing many of our customers taking their enjoyment in their Yacht further each time as many can then happily choose to progress through to the bigger yachts or exploring more distant destinations, safely, confidently, and proudly!

For the ultimate experience we could also offer exclusive training sessions aboard a choice of luxurious Yachts, please contact us for more details.