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Asia Signature Cruises

Allow us to take you on a journey, whether it be for a day or a week on one of the prestigious yachts in our charter fleet, to discover our new Asia Signature Cruises. On our Asia Signature Cruises Menu, you can find the most palatable VIP exclusive cruises to meet your taste. Because you deserve the Best of Asia, Boat Lagoon Yachting offers you the most exclusive Asian cruises.

The Health & Wellness Cruise

The Asia Health & Wellness Cruise, featuring Healthy and Organic food prepared by a Chef from a renowned Wellness Center who will introduce the yacht’s guests to the benefits healthy and  organic food can have on a healthy lifestyle. During the cruise, each stop will be an opportunity to exercise and, to give it our
exclusive Asian touch, enjoy a Thai traditional massage.

The Mindful Cruise

The Asia Mindful Cruise, giving you a chance to learn about Buddhism as a philosophy which resonates with mindfulness. To fully embrace mindful practices, guests on board will be invited to take part in a relaxing session mixing both meditation and yoga.

The Delight Cruise

The Asia Delight Cruise, combining Thai’s delicate dishes prepared by some of the best Chefs with traditional Thai massage will enable you to  discover the scents and tastes of true Thai cuisine and massage at its best.

It’s about yachts, it’s about the exquisite destinations in Asia but, most importantly, it’s all about you! Our signature says it all:

Happiness is a Choice…

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