For many, boating is a family tradition- a way of life that includes shared experiences of the first time you took the helm, catching a fish or enjoying a bbq on the boat. Not only are these moments fun and memorable for the whole family, but boating also provides the opportunity for a short weekend getaway anytime.

The NC 33, Merry Fisher 1095 Fly, Merry Fisher 895, Merry Fisher 795 Serie2 and Cap Camarat 9.0CC by Jeanneau are affordable, easy to maintain with outboard engine and perfectly adapted for family coastal cruising.

The new NC notably features an excellent hull design by Michael Peters. With no steps, the interior layout meets the demands of the NC concept. Life on board is easy and enjoyable.

Designed for life on the sea, the NC 33 is very open to the exterior. Everything has been carefully considered for comfortable, harmonious cruising. Entirely secure, this new NC features wide, recessed side decks. The side door to the helm station facilitates movement about the boat and handling at sea. The side access gate, a new feature for this line, is an undeniable advantage that improves access on board.


The Merry Fisher 1095 FLY features all the qualities of the Merry Fisher 1095: interior volume, bench seat at the helm, high-performance hull, modular cockpit, recessed side deck, storage volume, and she benefits from the comfort level of the Merry Fisher line.

The Flybridge includes a forward sundeck and a folding copilot bench seat. The bench seat can be transformed into a sun lounger or an XXL sundeck, according to preference! The Flybridge also includes multiple storage solutions and can accommodate an optional Bimini.

With its unique design, the Merry Fisher 1095 FLY easily assumes the luxury of a family long-distance cruiser.


Merry Fisher 895

Designed for cruising, the Merry Fisher 895 is a true weekender. She offers an incomparably bright interior, with wide windows in the helm station and even more comfort for those special shared moments on board.

The cockpit features an L-shaped saloon, reclining seatbacks and armrests with cup holders.Both on the interior and on the exterior, the seatbacks pivot to adjust the seating to suit individual preferences.

This Merry Fisher features an opening side gate, a recessed sidedeck, as well as a very generous storage capacity. The main cabin, with wide windows, is equipped with a head with shower and marine WC.

With her clever details, the Merry Fisher 895 makes unforgettable cruises possible, perfect for sharing unique moments together as a family!


Merry Fisher 795 Serie2

A true weekender with an outboard engine, the new Merry Fisher 795 Series 2 features a dynamic design and a new hull with a versatile, traditional V shape. She delivers more power and higher performance at sea, as well as stability and undeniable comfort while under way.

Perfectly adapted for family coastal cruising, the U-shaped cockpit saloon is inviting, spacious, and transforms into a sundeck for moments of relaxation. This vast cockpit open to the sea is a real invitation to swim, with its generous aft swim platform.


Cap Camarat 9.0CC

The Cap Camarat 9.0 Center Console, the new flagship of the Cap Camarat line, can accommodate up to 11 people on board. The Cap Camarat 9.0 Center Console ingeniously blends the performance of a fishing boat, the comfort of a family fishing boat, and the design of a high-end model.

With a surprising interior, this outboard model features innovative and bright living space for comfortably spending one or two nights aboard.


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Hidden oasis in Singapore you can get access to by boat

Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island is Singapore’s best kept Secret which is still undeterred by heavy influx of tourists. The secluded beach provides pristine white sands, sprawling blue sea and the sun for people who are looking to be close to nature and get away from the bustling city. The island is complete with coral reefs, a thriving marine life, lofty hills and some endemic flora and fauna that gives this island its own distinct signature.
Fun things to do in Lazarus Island

  • Fishing
  • Picnic on board your boat or on the beach
  • Water sport activities


Kusu Island

Kusu Island (Tortoise or Turtle Island)’s known for its temple, tortoise sanctuary, lagoons, pristine beaches and tranquil settings. The name Kusu means “Tortoise” or “Turtle” in Chinese; the island is also known as Peak Island or Pulau Tembakul in Malay. From two tiny outcrops on a reef, this island was enlarged and transformed into an island holiday resort of 85,000 square metres today.

Fun things to do in Kusu Island

  • Swimming
  • Explore marine life
  • Visit the tortoise sanctuary
  • Visit the historic sacred sites
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