Support of Oceans for All

Boat Lagoon Yachting collaborated with Amanpuri resort to support the “Support of Oceans for All” Foundation, which held an exposition event about the underwater world of Thailand. This charity event was held on the weekend of 19 to 23 November 2020, in the new art gallery of Amanpuri resort in Phuket. Funds raised from the sale of posters and book went towards the Oceans Conservation and OFA foundation. The Private Charity Cocktail with Amanpuri event was attended by villa owners and guests as well as VIPs from Phuket.


As a brand with our heart on the sea, we feel strongly about protecting the ocean and the wildlife that call it home. At Boat Lagoon Yachting, we are committed to sustainability and ocean conservation. We continuously work with organisations to support marine conservation efforts especially within the South East Asia region.


Home of Boat Lagoon Yachting’s headquarters, Phuket has been known for its yachting destination and there are still ongoing numerous developments related to surrounding ocean. By helping the local charity organisation to sustain marine environment for future generations is a key of our company to promote environmental awareness. This is a great opportunity for us to support our local nature and is a great start for us to continue our efforts to help save the oceans. We would love to continue carrying out social responsibility activities in the upcoming 2021” Said Vrit Yongsakul, Group Managing Director, Boat Lagoon Yachting.


Princess Yachts have also been known to be active in creating awareness for ocean conservation. In 2020, Princess Yachts joined forces with Oceanographic Magazine and the non-profit organisation SeaLegacy- a collective of photographers, filmmakers, writers and strategists have worked together with the aim of engaging one billion people in ocean conservation-  to support the Ocean Photography Awards 2020, making Princess Yachts the first Luxury yacht manufacturer to officially collaborate with the Marine Conservation Society for 3 years.