Uncover the Joy of Pleasure Boating and Yachting in Singapore

Spend any amount of time in Singapore, and you’ll undoubtedly observe a few truths about the Southeast Asian island nation: Singaporeans
like to express their pride through maintaining their country’s pristine aesthetics. While mainland Singapore receives praise for being one of the cleanest cities in the world, boating and yachting enthusiasts know that Singapore’s true beauty is found in the straits and channels that define its borders. With 64 islands comprising Singapore, it’s easy to see why pleasure boating around the country is among the top activities for visitors and residents alike. Whether it’s exploring the southern islands and open waters near the border with Indonesia or escaping city life and boating around the nature reserves in the north, boating in Singapore gives mariners unparalleled access to, and appreciation for, the city-state’s natural beauty.

Break Free From City Life and Hit The High-Seas

With COVID-19 restricting Singaporeans from travelling – even to neighbouring Malaysia – many are looking for alternative opportunities to experience the pleasures and thrills that travelling provides. But, in a country that is only roughly 730km², it can be challenging to find new areas of the mainland to explore.

As the city is densely populated, many Singaporeans are desperately seeking to escape city life and regain a sense of privacy and seclusion. So, what do residents do to find this while in such a small country? They take to the seas! 

Boating and yachting in Singapore have emerged as the desired alternatives to travelling overseas because they provide unrivalled privacy, seclusion, and comfort. From the luxury of your own watercraft, you’ll feel the freedom of travelling abroad coupled with the exclusivity of being away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Find Beauty in the Singapore’s Natural Diversity

Much like its population, Singapore’s natural features are wonderfully diverse. Some of these natural areas, such as the uninhabited islands in the southern region, are only accessible by private boat. 

Aboard your private vessel, you’ll have free rein to cruise around the islands in the Singapore Strait. There is an air of unquantifiable luxury knowing that you and your yacht mates are alone at sea, undisturbed by city noise, commotion, or crowding. You’ll be free to float and lounge around surrounded by endless ocean views and undisturbed nature.

Lazarus Island in Singapore from the sky

Perhaps you’d like to explore St. John’s Island or Lazarus Islands. Here you can moor in the bay and enjoy a refreshing swim, float on a playful raft and wade in the shallows, and set up a picnic lunch to be enjoyed in total seclusion. You can even relax on the pristine soft sand beach. To say a day at the beach on Lazarus Island is a day spent in private luxury is an understatement. 

Snorkelling and scuba diving around Singapore is also a great way to make use of your freedom aboard your own luxury yacht. Hop between islands and reefs and explore Singapore’s underwater treasures. 

Apart from beaches and islands, Singapore’s waterways also provide access to multiple nature reserves and mangrove forests. Along the Straits of Johor, pleasure boaters can float alongside verdant Singaporean countryside and coast along the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. 

Perfectly capping off any day trip or multi-day expedition is a visit to Smith Marine Floating Restaurant, Singapore’s only fully floating restaurant. Here you can dine out on fresh seafood while floating between Pulau Ubin and the mainland. Expert anglers can even catch their own dinner and have the expert chefs at Smith Marine prepare it to your liking.

Find Your Occasion to Set Sail

Boat owners seize every opportunity to get out to sea, and so too can “weekenders”. Chartering a boat or yacht for a weekend adventure is hassle-free, and possible throughout the year.

For special occasions like watching the National Day fireworks over Marina Bay or ringing in the New Year, celebrating at sea aboard a luxury yacht or boat is an unforgettable experience. 

For the ultimate way to upgrade your luxury lifestyle, invest in a Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895 or Merry Fisher 1095 FLY. These luxury powerboats will give you and your guests the ability to motor around Singapore quickly and smoothly while still providing ample room for onboard activities. And when buying with Boat Lagoon Yachting, you’ll be in good hands with our premier after-sales services. 

Once the borders are open for international travel, you can travel to nearby Bantam Island or into mainland Malaysia. For intrepid sailors keen on embarking on a multi-day expedition, Malaysia’s Langkawi, Pulau Pemanggil, and Pulau Sibu are excellent island destinations, as are Indonesia’s Bali and Anambas Islands and Thailand’s Phuket. 

Please note that under current regulations, Sea Crew or Pleasure Craft Owners must apply for all arrivals and/or departures with Singapore immigration, including a vessel clearance. In general, all signing-on crew are required to serve a 14-day stay-home notice in the crew’s originating country immediately prior to their departure ferry to Singapore. All crew must have a negative COVID-19 test result, taken at a government-approved or ISO 15189- accredited testing facility at their originating country not more than 72 hours prior to departure for Singapore. 

For more information, please refer to : https://www.mpa.gov.sg/assets/circulars/Port%20Marine%20Circulars.pdf 

With the current restrictions in place, there’s never been a better time to charter or buy a boat and discover what makes Singapore so unique. Contact Boat Lagoon Yachting to customize your unforgettable yachts and superyachts trip.